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#1 2012-11-12 16:45:55

Registered: 2012-11-05
Posts: 2

How to create offline maps for android/mapsforge

There is a mapping lib for android from  mapsforge

They have a mapping-plugin for osmosis to write their compressed .map format to files that can be put on the sd-card.
Normally it is used to create osm-maps, but it can be configured with an additional xml.file to support seamark tags.
Additionally you have to use a render theme, which can render the seamarks.
I have tested it with a small .osm file from Warnemünde in germany and the mapsforge-lib in a testapp for android.
I added some support for lateral buoys to the writer, the render theme and the according symbols to an testapp.

the map-writer plugin config file:
  <!-- Seamap tags -->
        <osm-tag key="seamark:buoy_lateral:colour" value="red" renderable="false" />
        <osm-tag key="seamark:buoy_lateral:colour" value="green" renderable="false" />
        <osm-tag key="seamark:type" value="buoy_lateral" zoom-appear="10" />       

the render theme:
<!-- begin opensea map -->
       <rule e="node" k="seamark:type" v="buoy_lateral">
         <rule e="node" k="seamark:buoy_lateral:colour" v="red">
             <symbol src="jar:/assets/rendertheme/symbols/buoy_red.png"/>
             <caption k="name" dx="+40" dy="+20" font-style="bold" font-size="16" fill="#ec2d2d" stroke="#ffffff" stroke-width="2.0" />
         <rule e="node" k="seamark:buoy_lateral:colour" v="green">
             <symbol src="jar:/assets/rendertheme/symbols/buoy_green.png"/>
             <caption k="name" dx="+40" dy="+20" font-style="bold" font-size="16" fill="#18ec34" stroke="#ffffff" stroke-width="2.0" />
I hope this gives some information about this issue.

I have read the wiki pages which describe the tags with the openseamap tag values.

As I am not an map expert, 
Maybe we can discuss how to enhance the functionality.



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