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#1 2013-12-29 12:20:31

Registered: 2013-12-29
Posts: 1

UK waters (particularly West coast of Scotland)

Have just found Open Sea Maps and very much like the idea smile I would be happy to contribute towards the development of the areas I sail in.

I am a bit confused how it actually works ! I am using an Android tablet.

Can I download the charts for UK waters or do I have to use it online ?
I am using OruxMaps - is this the preferred program to use ?
I already have Open Street maps installed and I am not sure if this is being loaded automatically as the detail on land seems better than that at sea. I have looked at an area near Tobermory (Mull) and some obvious rocks are not shown. It may be that this project is new so nobody has marked them yet.

Any tips or info gratefully received !

Good luck with the development and I hope to contribute.


#2 2014-05-30 09:10:45

Registered: 2012-09-25
Posts: 69

Re: UK waters (particularly West coast of Scotland)

Hi Storyline,

I just stumbled over your old message.

At the moment we are upsetting a toolchain to preproduce offline chart bundles, which you can download on your android tablet. OruxMaps will be on the list of supported apps.

Until this is running, you have to either be online all the time, or dowload the maps manually before starting.

To contribute, you will need JOSM, which can be found from the startpage



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