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#1 2014-06-10 08:46:28

Registered: 2014-06-10
Posts: 1

Basic questions regarding the use of downloadable maps

I thought I would try using OpenSeaMaps as a backup to my GPS system for this summers sail from Sweden to the UK.

I have downloaded a few maps as well as Seaclear II.

Some maps in small scale f. ex. Suedliche Ostsee (appr.1:1mill) have no navigational information at all and the resolution when zooming in is very grainy, so it is unfit for navigational purposes in that format.
Some in larger scales f.ex. German Coast 12 (appr. 1:500000) have info adequate as a backup and then again HelsingborgMalmoe14 dos not have anything.
Is this just the state of these maps or am I missing something?

I have donloaded the whole Ned_xxxx series. Is there any way of getting a seamless presentation of them, perhaps with another app than SeaClear? Loading in single maps one at the time does not making planning very easy.

The online version of OpenSeaMap seems to work very well. Is the size prohibitive for downloading the whole thing for offline use or is there another issue?

Thanks for any help


#2 2014-06-10 10:07:48

From: Ruhrgebiet
Registered: 2013-10-27
Posts: 159

Re: Basic questions regarding the use of downloadable maps

Unfortunately offline-raster-maps … iles/Maps/ are out of date.
Alexej is working on rebirth of this service, see … devel/3220

Perfect scenario for the use of online-maps: At home or a marina you should have internet access. Especially the Netherlands (inland waterways) are well covered:

You should not stress the tile-servers excessively, see

Have a nice day, Dirk


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