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#1 2016-12-16 14:07:26

Registered: 2016-12-16
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Hi, im gamecompiler

Hi, im gamecompiler.
Im from germany and i like to go Kayaking. (Sorry for my bad english)

Thats why im here: I would like to add flow data, depth data and more from waters like:
-> Bäcke
-> Weser
-> Ochtum

What i would like to meassure and upload:
-> Tide data (water depth at min. max)
-> Wind
-> Flow
-> (Maybe salt water)
-> water depth (sand coves)
-> Starting positions for kayak driving people

Is it gladly seen that people with selfmade depth meters and flow meters publish data here?
Is it possible to "stream" data using some API (Data size doesnt matter for me) ?

My kayak is advantageous cause of the small size. I can go to places where the most ships cant!
A sand cove wont influence my kayak or approximately damage it! (And im able to stay at one place a very long time)

My questions as newbe:
Is it possible to upload "Tide data" as "realtime" to OpenSeamaps? I would like to be able to be prepared for my future kayak trips.
Boats driving on the waters at the Ochtum and Bäcke would benefit on such data! (If the tide goes back the Ochtum is almost empty, looks kinda crazy when sitting in my kayak =? )

Is a tide calculator implemented ?



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