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slippy maps examples on wiki outdated?

Hi all,

I'm trying the http://wiki.openseamap.org/wiki/OpenSea … Slippy-Map example as described under 'HTML code to embed in the map' but the 3 supporting js-scripts (harbours.js, map_utils.js, utilities.js) all return a 404; I managed to find them in the OSM github repository, and now use them locally, but nothing shows up when pasting the whole snippet in a html-file and open it in a browser; it runs without script-errors now, and while debugging, I can tell it is loading some tiles (shown in the inspect & debug-panes of the browser), but nothing is shown on the canvas, not even the OSM basemap itself.

Is there a newer, more current way to embed OSM as slippy-maps?

thx, Harry


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