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Hello from Bavaria

Dear community,

I am new to this forum and would like to introduce myself briefly.
My name is Armin, I am 54 years old, married, 3 kids (all adults), studied Biology and working as a product specialist for a company who is producing mechatronic components for Life Science and healthcare industries.
I am sailing since I am 8 yeras old and worked as sail instructure until studying didn't allow it any more.
Now I am sailing from time to time on my brother's Contest 29 on the North Sea or Baltic Sea. Planning to have my own boat some day when I managed to collect the money.
Preferably I would have a 38 or 46 feet Wharram Kat to live on with my wife and from time to time also with my kids.
I would like to sail the world but not in the format of a classical circumnavigation, my ideal dream is rather to spend one yera in the Baltic Sea, the next year around Britain and Ireland, 2 years in mediterranean and so on.
I came in touch wh OpenCPN a couple of years ago and now I am picking it up and try to se it during my next trips.
Have to learn quite a lot about chart formats and the technical preconditions to participate with providing data. This is the reason why I am here in this forum now!

Best regards from Augsburg



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Re: Hello from Bavaria

Hi Armin,

Sounds interesting!

Do you foresee a power generator on the boat?

Welcome to the forum



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