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#1 2017-06-22 17:19:04

Registered: 2017-06-14
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Using openseamap chart on Garmin Fenix 5X watch

I am trying to use an openseamap chart on my Garmin Fenix 5X watch and wondered if anyone else had experience of this that they could share.
I have created a chart from (c. 2 MB in size)
The chart will open in Garmin Homeport in either UTF-8 or ASCII formats, but on the Fenix 5X only the ASCII version is recognised, the UTF-8 version provokes 'Cannot authenticate maps' during the Loading Maps sequence after restarting.
I renamed the downloaded ASCII version gmapsupp.img to gmapmila.img and saved it to the '/Garmin' folder on the watch.
In Homeport, the chart opened from the watch device, shows objects on land, objects at sea and the coastline as expected, I was impressed.
On the Fenix 5X watch, the chart can be opened and I can see objects (buoys), lighthouse arcs and chart features including my Saved Location 'Waypoints' overlaid on the chart, however the style of the chart display is different from Homeport, but not necessarily bad.   In part of the chart area it shows the coastline (blue/pale brown) and objects on sea and on land as expected but in some other parts of the chart where there should be 'sea' it shows as 'land', there is a hatched line to show the coastline but where it should change from blue to pale brown it has pale brown both sides of the hatched line and does not match what Homeport shows for the same location even though the source map is the same file. This must be an issue in the way the Fenix 5x is interpreting the chart.
In these 'incorrect' areas, lighthouses and buoys are located at the expected coordinates but they have pale brown 'land' around them where I know there to be sea in reality. I only have the Global basemap layer and this openseamap chart layer enabled on the watch and if I zoom 'out', the display switches up to the Global basemap layer and shows the coastline in the expected place, if I zoom 'in' the display switches to the openseamap layer and the pale brown 'land' reappears incorrectly. If I zoom in to the maximum resolution in some parts of bays there are some hints of blue as if a river was there, with realistic shaping, not a simple polygon, however it does not reflect reality. It does not correlate to depth of channels and the wrong datum being used.
This combination of openseamap and the Fenix 5X shows a lot of promise and I would be interested to hear other people's experiences of using openseamap charts on the Fenix 5X.


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