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#1 2019-01-04 14:46:02

From: Goes, the Netherlands
Registered: 2016-01-23
Posts: 17

CEVNI sign E.5.3 (Maximum number of vessels permitted to berth abreast

What is the correct value for the tag seamark:notice:category ?

The wiki Wiki CEVNI signs writes: berth_rafting_limit
This is used 322 times, rendered as a blue square.

The seamark_editor produces: berthing_rafting_limit
Used just 12 times, and rendered as a blue square with a red border.

Another question is the number of allowed vessels: seamark:notice:information.
Should this value be written in Roman numbers (I, II, IV…) as displayed on the sign, or Arabic numbers (1, 2, 4…)?


#2 2019-01-04 20:56:59

From: Hull, UK
Registered: 2012-09-05
Posts: 196

Re: CEVNI sign E.5.3 (Maximum number of vessels permitted to berth abreast

It should be "berth_rafting_limit" with the blue square rendering. The JOSM preset needs correcting.

The information tag should contain the text exactly as it appears on the notice, which for CEVNI rafting limits is roman numerals.

Malcolm Herring, Developer


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