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#1 2014-05-02 23:10:29

Registered: 2014-05-02
Posts: 1

New buoy and correcte buoy doesn't show up in the map

Hi forum members,
I am new here since some days since I would like to contribute a little to openseamap. I’ve started "motorboating" quite recently and I’d like to use openseamap because it fits my needs quite well. I don’t need hancyfancy chart plotting since I will not drive during night time and just in vision of the beach.

However, there are lots of imprecise positions of buoys given in the terrain were I am driving (Elbe river – Hamburg – Germany), some are even wrong (lateral buoy given instead of normal buoy what is quite dangerous in a terrain with tides…) and lots of buoys are missing. I would like to contribute from time to time and correct and add things.

I’ve installed JOSM and editing works fine so far. Nevertheless its extremely difficult to find the correct values which needs to be used to make the entries correct.

I’ve corrected two buoys and added one. But my changes do not show up in the official map. The 2 buoys I’ve corrected are showing up as “empty” buoys without the correct color (but correct position now). And the buoy I’ve added does not show up at all.

Can anyone take a look and let me know what’s wrong? Positions are:
9 36,2´ 53 35´ and 9 47.6´ 53 32.6´



#2 2014-05-03 06:27:15

From: Hull, UK
Registered: 2012-09-05
Posts: 194

Re: New buoy and correcte buoy doesn't show up in the map


You should also install the OpenSeaMap plugin for JOSM. This makes it easy to tag navigational marks. To install: Open JOSM, click the Preferences button at the top, then in the preferences panel click the Configure Plugins button on the left. In that panel, click the Download List button at the bottom. When the list has downloaded, scroll down to the SeaMapEditor item and click its checkbox. Then click the OK button at the bottom. It will then download the plugin. You will then have to restart JOSM.

When JOSM restarts and you have downloaded the data that you want to edit, select SeaMap Editor from the Tools menu. Now if you select an object in the map, you can use the buttons and menus in the SeaMap panel to edit that object. Don't forget to click Save before selecting a new object.

Malcolm Herring, Developer


#3 2014-10-14 09:05:28

Registered: 2014-10-14
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Re: New buoy and correcte buoy doesn't show up in the map

You ought to likewise introduce the Openseamap plugin for JOSM. This makes it simple to label navigational imprints. To introduce: Open JOSM, click the Preferences catch at the top, then in the inclination board click the Configure Plugins catch on the left. In that board, click the Download List catch at the base. At the point when the rundown has downloaded, span down to the Seamap editor thing and click its checkbox. At that point click the OK catch at the lowest part. It will then download the plugin.



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