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FairWind: Integrated multifunctional navigation software based on open

Hello Mariners!
I'm Raffaele Montella, Assistant professor in Computer Science at the DiST, mHPSC technical investigator, with strong international cooperations mainly with the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago (now as visiting professor). I sail since I was a kid, I'm a sail racer since I was a boy and I developped software since I was just 11 (and I was born in 1972)… as a scientist I love to mix things; as a sailor I loves when things clockwork. He had the idea of BApps, boat apps, in the autumn 2011 in Chicago, while a productive conversation with Ian Foster, huge scientist and sailor.
I lead the FairWind research-prototype project:
The FairWind is an integrated multifunctional navigation software based on open technologies and open hardware marine portable console computer leveraging on a built from scratch infrastructure on top of stable and well documented mobile and web technologies. The most remarkable novel thing in FairWind are the Boat Apps.
FairWind is science friendly because each boat became a survey unit helping the scientist to save the marine world life and get more pervasive data on weather and ocean state. The user could chose to share more or less anonymized data receiving back high quality scientifically produced services.
You can read more on the FairWind website.
FairWind uses in order to provide a basic mapping/charting tool.
It uses OpenStreetMap technologies. I'd like to use OpenSeaMap data participating in the depth data crowdsourcing project.
-- Raffaele


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