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#1 2018-01-25 18:38:58

From: Hohen Neuendorf
Registered: 2014-08-23
Posts: 45

Completely new backend system for planning routes in Europe is Online

Hello skipper, hello OpenSeaMap community,

After some tests, we have now launched our new online planning program "AIS-NAUTIC" and make it ready for the season for European inland waterways. The system contains all important layers for Europe as well as a complete AutoRouting system and an AIS system with boat information when clicking.

This system can now also be used by Windows users and all devices that can use a browser and understand Java.

In other words about 95% of all possible devices worldwide. The special is also that you can drive with the online system on the water (as you are used to with other nautical software). The system will be extended in the future (with all Watertrack functions) and gets a new framework, with which it will be possible to use the offline maps as well as the browser. The goal is that our system also works in the browser without an Internet provider or telephone provider and thus becomes available for all devices. Currently the system is available in German and English but will be upgraded to all other languages!

In addition to this development, we also work on other special versions that run on a Raspberry and use a touch screen. Our already very successful AutoRouting is also integrated in this offline version and allows route planning to Brussels or Poland (including the Netherlands). Planning and driving will soon be possible until Belgium, France.

The system is partly supported by product advertising (UIS investors) and is therefore absolutely free for everyone in the basic version. Optionally, you can also hide the advertising and pay a small amount (no ABOS) - to drive the same system without an advertisement. Overall, the advertising is not annoying and consists only of more useful and exclusively maritime goals.

Watertrack users also have a BonBon extra - because each Watertrack user can plan from the next version online at home and transfer the planned route simply by pressing a button on all Watertrack versions.

Another backend module, which will soon be operational, will allow companies and water sports affine sites, as well as charter companies and boat rentals, to integrate a complete route planning system with just one line into their own homepage. In addition, any commercial company can also store their own house routes with video and pictures and detailed descriptions. At present this variant is already used in some charter pages in the test mode!

At the moment the system is in a detailed test operation and we assume that we have completed the entire basic system in about 1 month. The system will be extended this year in a pilot project for the Lahn to introduce the new possibilities of the system to the public.

At the moment, routes and itineraries can be automatically created for routes. Other functions such as saving the routes for registered users are already completed, but are suspended until the system starts. Watertrack users can transfer all routes from the backend to Watertrack from 28.1.2018. The update for Watertrack will come out in the coming week !.

If you want to get a taste of it - you can try it here - - Please note that the system is being worked on daily and many more changes and further details are being implanted. However, the goal is to have the system 95% operational by March at the latest.

For more information or information, please visit our website!

Greetings Kasi


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